Meet Our Veterinary Team

Meet the Veterinarians & Team of Animal Clinic East. We’re pleased to provide exceptional vet care for your pets!


Dr. Susan Image
Dr. Susan Fazzari

Dr. Susan Fazzari has been a welcoming face at ACE since June of 1985, right after she graduated from Washington State University College of Veterinary Medicine. Susan shares her home with her husband and pets: Bruno (her fifth black lab), who is her daily walking buddy, Jacques who is an avid hunter and beloved kitty, and Larry, the 32 year old female Desert Tortoise who sleeps from November to April. Susan also has a flock of 4H ewes and any number of 4H lambs depending on the time of year, as well as two llamas who supervise and protect the sheep. Susan and Greg have raised four children and now happily spend lots of time with their six grandsons and now a granddaughter on the way! Susan enjoys walking, skiing, biking, cooking, gardening, boating and just spending time with family and watching the grandkids play sports, play music, act in school plays, and every other kid event. If Susan was a type of pasta, she would be farfalle! Susan’s superpower of choice would be time-travel.

Dr. John Image
Dr. John Ladderud
Dr. John Ladderud graduated from Washington State University College of Veterinary Medicine in 1988 and has been with us ever since. John and his wife Ruth have three children, two dogs, and one cat. In another life, John was probably an elf making toys for Santa Claus. Outside of the clinic, John enjoys hiking with his dogs, riding motorcycles, woodworking, and going to Cutesville to see his granddaughters. If John was a type of pasta, he would be gnocchi.
Dr. Brian Image
Dr. Brian Williams

Dr. Brian Williams has been with ACE since 2010 after graduating from Washington State University College of Veterinary Medicine. Brian and his family share their home with two dogs, two cats, one parakeet, one three-legged box turtle, and a varying amount of fish. If the dogs could talk, they would tell Brian that they love him very much, while the cats would say “Here is our list of complaints regarding the level of service in this establishment”. If the parakeet could talk, he would say “Go away, I’m busy with this exceptionally beautiful bird in the mirror.” Brian doesn’t think the turtle would talk even if he could; he is rather surly and uncommunicative. In Brian’s spare time, he enjoys reading, watching TV, snorkeling, and eventually finishing a series of novels about his pets, including “Rocket in Time: The Time Traveling Misadventures of the World’s Worst Golden Retriever”.

brooke<br />
Dr. Brooke Cox

Dr. Brooke Cox graduated from Washington State University College of Veterinary Medicine in 2002, and has been part of our ACE family since the fall of 2013. Brooke has worked with several different veterinary clinics, but is happy to report that ACE is the best! Brooke shares her home with her husband and three kids. They have many pets, including Quinn the rat terrier, Bennett the goldendoodle, Brisby the border collie, Finn the “big” grey cat, V the white cat, Olive the grey barn cat, a registered herd of Red Angus cattle, and 5 horses. If her pets could talk, they would probably say “Please, please, please let me have some table scraps!”. Brooke enjoys watching her kids play sports and show cattle, traveling and reading books. If Brooke had her own late night talk show, her first guest she would invite would be Annie Oakley. Brooke’s superpower of choice would be X-Ray vision!

claudia<br />
Dr. Claudia Mattice

Dr. Claudia Mattice graduated from Washington State University College of Veterinary Medicine in 2013, and came to our Animal Clinic East family in September of 2016. Claudia shares her home with her husband, two daughters, Odie the terrier mix dog, Emma the Golden Retriever,  and two cats, Pebbles and Shade. If Claudia was a pasta shape, she would be Canolli! Outside of ACE, Claudia enjoys reading, running, traveling, and spending time with family and friends. If Claudia had her own late night talk show, her first guest would be Michelle Obama. Claudia’s super power of choice would be to not need sleep!

Dr. Jessie Image
Dr. Jessie Lentz
Dr. Jessie Lentz has been with our ACE family since April of 2020, after graduating from Washington State University College of Veterinary Medicine. Jessie shares her home with her husband, her young son, a border collie cross named Havala, a mini aussie named Sequoia, 2 cats, chickens, poison dart frogs and a beta fish. If Havala could talk, she would probably say “What are we doing mom? Getting dinner? Playing ball? Going for a walk? I love you, please don’t leave me! Quit your job and spend your time adventuring with ME!”. When Jessie is not giving Havala her undivided attention, she enjoys berry picking, mushroom and shed hunting with her husband, hiking, kayaking, and spending time with her family. If Jessie was a type of cheese, she would be smoked gouda!
Andrea Adams Image
Dr. Andrea Adams
Dr. Andrea Adams is a recent addition to our ACE family starting in November 2022, and we are very glad to welcome her! Andrea has a sweet 25 year old paint gelding named Chico, Newton the outdoor security system/rodent hunter cat, and her heart dog Nixie the golden retriever. In another life, Andrea is pretty sure she was an archeologist. Andrea enjoys gardening, growing dahlias, and horseback riding. Andrea and her husband also own the Walla Walla Cheese Company, a kitchen hobby that went out of control! If Andrea’s pets could talk, they would say “More snacks!”.

Techs & Assistant Staff

Jennica, Licensed Veterinary Technician

Jennica has been with our ACE family since February of 2007, and has been advocating for animal patients since 1999. Jennica shares her home with her husband and a lovable rescue chocolate lab named Wyllow. If Jennica was a type of cheese, she would be Pepper Jack! Jennica has a passion for veterinary dentistry, nutrition, and dermatology. It’s a good thing Jennica loves dermatology, because Wyllow has allergies that flare up through her skin! Jennica enjoys hanging out with family and friends, watching movies, cooking, baking, trap shooting, organizing, and traveling any chance she can get. If Jennica had her own late night talk show, she would invite either Walt Disney or Tom Hanks to her show as her first guests. In another life, Jennica was probably a war-time nurse working in the trenches! 

Ashley Image
Courtney, Licensed Veterinary Technician
Courtney has been with ACE since 2013 after graduating from Yakima Valley Community College where she received her Veterinary Technician license. Courtney is known at the clinic for having a huge heart and opening her home to lots of pets in need. Because of that, Courtney currently has 5 dogs (Colton, Jan’nen, Mags, Onix and Lady) and 2 cats (Betty White and Maybe). Courtney also is married and has 4 boys aged 9, 10, 10, and 14 years old. If Courtney was a type of pasta and cheese, she would be Corkscrew Pepperjack! Outside of work and caring for her menagerie of animals, Courtney enjoys camping, board games, spending time with friends and family, and going to concerts.
Ashley pic
Ashley, Licensed Veterinary Technician

Ashley is one of our great technicians, and she has been a part of our ACE family since September 2010. Ashley shares her home with her husband, 4 beautiful children, 2 dogs and 2 cats. If Ashley was a type of pasta, she would be bowtie pasta – always “tied” for time, and being pulled in different directions. Also, Ashley loves bows and puts bows on her daughter all the time! When Ashley has any free time, she enjoys crafting and running. Ashley’s super power would either be to be in two places at once or time travel. 

Katie Dantzman
Katie, Licensed Veterinary Technician

Katie joined our ACE family in November of 2022, but she has worked in Veterinary Medicine starting in June of 2000 after receiving her Veterinary Technician license. Katie has had the privilege to work in Cardiology, Oncology, Internal Medicine and Emergency Medicine but she says she is very happy to be back in general practice where she gets to see lots of healthy animals! Katie is also Recover CPR certified as well as Fear Free certified. If Katie was a type of pasta, she would be Bow Tie pasta! Katie shares her home with her husband, her feline friend Benny and her chihuahua mix CupCake. Outside of saving animals, Katie enjoys reading, cooking, baking, sewing and traveling.

Shelley Image
Shelley, Veterinary Assistant

Shelley was born in the province of Alberta, Canada. She and her husband have 5 kids, 3 grandkids, 2 dogs 4 cats and 5 horses! Shelley is a busy gal – she is an EMT for Search & Rescue for College Place Fire Dept., helps run the Blue Mountain Girls Softball, and supervises Wa Hi’s FFA Swine Project. She likes quilting, cooking, camping, kayaking, hiking, and rodeo.

Jenna Image
Jenna, Veterinary Assistant
Jenna has been with our ACE family since May of 2018, and before that she worked at the Humane Society and a Zoo in North Dakota. Jenna graduated from WSU in 2010 with a BS in Natural Resource Science with Wildlife Ecology as her specialty. Jenna shares her home with her son, 2 sweet dogs (Waylon and Patsy) and 1 fluffy orange kitty named Flapjack. Jenna loves outdoor activities such as bike riding, hiking, traveling, going to the park and Children’s museums with her son. She also has always wanted to try rock climbing! If Flapjack could talk, he would probably tell Jenna “you are my favorite hooman!”.
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Sierra, Veterinary Assistant

Sierra joined our ACE family in 2017, but now is going to Veterinary School at Oregon State University and blesses us all with her presence when she is on school breaks. Sierra has a loud tuxedo cat named Twitchy, a crazy, fat, orange tabby cat named Walter-Mouse, and Hoss the big galoot of a husky-mix! When Sierra is not studying, she enjoys science and learning different languages. Sierra is also known around the clinic for being a fabulous artist, and leaves doodles wherever she goes! If Sierra was a type of pasta, she would be orecchiette!

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Zoe, Veterinary Assistant
Zoe joined our ACE family in October of 2020, bringing her love of animals both large and small. Zoe has a menagerie of critters, including three dogs (Yuka the German Shepherd/Malamute, Charlie the border collie, and Rye the german shepherd/doberman) , a cat named Choux, a goat named Brioche, and a horse named Dixie. If Dixie could speak, she would tell Zoe “Peasant, come feed me or I will break into the barn and feed myself!”. Her spare time is spent studying for her Veterinary Technician license at Penn Foster College, horseback riding, fixing things her horse breaks, and baking. If Zoe was a type of pasta, she would be tortellini – because who doesn’t love cheese stuffed pasta!
Katie Image
Malory, Veterinary Assistant

Malory has been with our ACE family since March of 2019, when she started out volunteering and has moved her way up to being a Veterinary Assistant, and has goals of becoming a Veterinary Technician. Malory is enrolled with Penn Foster College in the Veterinary Technician program. In a previous life, Malory was probably an FBI Detective in Quantico. Malory’s family includes her fiance Joe, chihuahua mix named Zoey, and her cat named Waldo. If Malory was a type of pasta, she would be rotini – quirky and fun!

Cathy Image
Cathy, Veterinary Assistant

Cathy has been with our ACE family since April of 2004, and has been essential in keeping the clinic running smoothly. Cathy and her husband have four kids and three grandkids. Cathy has two feline friends at home, Victor and Puss Puss. If Victor could talk, he would say “Feed me, love me. Stop petting me or I will bite you!”. Cathy enjoys skiing, reading, photography, and playing with her grandkids! In another life, Cathy is pretty sure she was an octopus. If Cathy had a late night talk show, her first guest she would invite would be Jerry Garcia. If Cathy was a type of pasta, she would be fusilli!

Courtney Image
Bella, Veterinary Assistant

Bella has been cracking jokes with our ACE family since June of 2021. Bella comes from a very large Italian family, so being adopted into our ACE family was a walk in the park for her! Once Bella found her passion in veterinary medicine, she started the Veterinary Technician program with Penn Foster College. Bella is usually accompanied by her 3-legged canine kiddo Buster, and she also dog sits Coco the terrier mix often. When Buster lets her have some time alone, Bella loves traveling to Hawaii, baking, meditating, reading and hiking. In another life, Bella was most likely an NYC Detective. If Bella was a type of pasta, she would be fusilli!

Office Support Staff

Kristie Img
Kristie, Hospital Manager

Kristie has been a member of our ACE family since May of 2019, and offers compassionate care for each and every furry friend that walks through our doors! Kristie shares her home with her husband, two dogs Izzy and Jasper, and her cat Heart. If Kristie’s pets could talk they would say “My mom is a softy. All I have to do is give her ‘that look’ and I get my way!”. When Kristie is not catering to her pets’ every need, she enjoys cooking, entertaining guests, and their annual vacation to the Oregon coast. If Kristie had her own late night talk show, she would invite Tom Hanks because he is the real deal: talented, handsome, funny, respectful, and he knows how to survive if stranded on an island!

Sheila Image
Sheila, Co-Hospital Manager
Sheila has been with Animal Clinic East since 1998. Sheila has had a wide variety of pets throughout her life, including an octopus for two weeks. Currently, Sheila has only one cat named Possum and 4 granddogs named Odin, Vulcan, Bruno and Dingo. If Possum could talk, she would say “Pet me! Pet me! Pet me!”. When Sheila is not at the clinic she enjoys reading, playing board games and computer games. If Sheila could be any supernatural creature, she would be a fairy so that she could fly.
Missy Image
Missy, Receptionist
Missy has been the first friendly face most people see at the front desk of ACE since August of 2003! Missy is a cat lady through and through, currently with two feline companions Peppy La Perm and Grapenut. Although she is a cat lady, in another life Missy was most likely a golden retriever. Outside of her time at ACE, Missy enjoys being outside, camping, fishing, hiking and gardening. Missy is a “glass half full” kind of gal, and says that she is so lucky to have a job that she loves to come to everyday.
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Jill, Receptionist
Jill has been keeping everyone in line at ACE since 2004, and has been a vital member of our reception team. In another life, Missy is pretty sure Jill was a border collie! Jill stays quite busy with her grandkids and caring for her horses. Jill has two horses, a cat named Lilly, and her trusty side-kick Elsa! Elsa is a miniature pinscher that has been coming to work with Jill since she was just a little puppy, so she prances around the clinic like she owns the place! If Elsa could talk, she would tell Jill “Throw the **** ball!”.
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Janine, Receptionist
Janine has been a part of our ACE family since October of 2022, although she is not a stranger around the clinic. Janine has quite the crew of critters! She has Chewy, the 17 yr old yorkie, El Chappo the long haired chihuahua, Sierra the Jack Russell mix, Cuale who was a street dog from Puerto Vallarta, Mexico and Pixi who was found at the dump at Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Janine has a huge heart, she loves rescuing dogs and finding them forever homes (although most of the time, her home is the forever home!). If Janine had her own late night talk show, her first guest would be Melissa McCarthy. Janine also enjoys interior design, hanging out with friends/family, and vacationing in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. She would also love to learn to golf! If Janine was a type of cheese, she would be Cougar Gold.
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Kenya, Receptionist & Veterinary Assistant

Kenya started at ACE in May of 2023. She is a sucker for a cute dog, and currently has 4 of her own. Her pack includes Pippin the 7 year old Dachshund mix, Beaou the 6 year old Alaskan Malamute, Benjamin the 2 year old hairless Miniature Pinscher mix, and Leliana the 2 year old Bloodhound mix. If her dogs could talk, they would say “You could just stay home all day ad play with us instead of going to work”. Outside of work Kenya enjoys sewing, cooking, hiking and playing with her pack. If Kenya had a late night talk show, her first guest she would invite would be Steve Irwin. 

Animal Care Staff

Zach started with ACE in May of 2021, and if you listen very carefully you will hear some of his witty banter and jokes. According to Zach, his superpower would be making every situation awkward (but awkward humor is still humor). Zach has two cats (Juno and Ringo), 1 dog named Max, a tortoise named Timmy, and a guinea pig named Pepper. When not caring for his menagerie of pets, Zach enjoys hiking, camping, playing guitar, reading, and watching Star Wars. In another life, Zach is pretty sure he was a Sailor singing sea shanties! Zach’s favorite joke is “I have a Polish friend who is an audio engineer, and I have a Czech one too. Check 1,2 Check 1,2”.

Rachel has been with ACE since August of 2020. Rachel shares her home with 2 dogs (Ruffles and Cinnamon) and 1 cockatiel named Taffy. In another life, Rachel is pretty sure she was a tortoise. Outside of ACE, Rachel enjoys reading, dancing, and skiing! If Rachel was a pasta shape, she would be rigatoni.

Connor has been a part of our ACE family since May of 2018, and he has been a jack of all trades! Connor does everything from helping at the grooming center to assisting our veterinarians. Connor has two feline friends currently, Rollo and Guillermo. Connor has a passion for creative world building projects, speculative evolution, and art. When Connor is not at ACE he enjoys spending time with his family and playing video games with friends. If Rollo and Guillermo could talk, they would say “FEED ME!”

Jasmine is a fairly new addition to the ACE family, and has been with us since September of 2022. Jasmine grew up on a farm surrounded by large and small animals, and she has always had a knack for connecting with them. Jasmine would love to raise livestock again when she has the space, but for now has two Aussiedoodles Bentley and Ahsoka. As a supernatural creature, Jasmine thinks she would probably be a werewolf. Jasmine enjoys painting, baking, and dog training/grooming in her spare time. If Jasmine was a type of cheese she would be pepperjack, because she can be spicy and sweet!

Grooming Center Staff

Judy, Lead Groomer and Grooming Center Manager

Judy has been the face of the ACE grooming center and a professional dog groomer since 1990. In another life, Judy was probably a cranky old cat! Judy has two dogs (George and Bella), lots of cats, and one daughter (Jenny) who also works at the ACE grooming center. Judy enjoys reading, walking, and traveling. If Judy was a type of pasta, she would be spaghetti. Judy is also hearing impaired, so if you come into the grooming center she is not ignoring you – her batteries are probably dead!

Tiffany, Groomer

Tiffany has been with our animal clinic since 1999 when she completed grooming school in Portland. She is a Walla Walla native. Tiffany owns one dog and one cat. Her hobbies include photography, art, sports, outdoor activities and riding her motorcycle. She also is addicted to karaoke singing!

coming soon image
Michelle, Groomer
Michelle started with the ACE grooming center in June of 2023 but was previously a groomer at Haute Dog Pet Resort for the past 12.5 years. Michelle grooms dogs of all sizes; small, medium, and large! Michelle has a shepherd/pit mix named Zeke, Simba, who is a Maine Coon, and Nala, the tuxedo cat. Outside of grooming dogs, Michelle enjoys hanging out with her family, watching hockey with her kids, or going to an American game. If Zeke could talk, he would say that Michelle’s kids are crazy! If Michelle was a pasta shape, she would be bow tie pasta – because it is the most fun!
coming soon image
Katie, Groomer

Katie is another new addition to the ACE grooming center, starting in June of 2023. Katie shares her home with Dakota, the mastiff mix; Petey, the tuxedo American shorthair; and Chelsea, the beta fish. In another life, Katie is pretty sure she was a cat. When Katie is not playing with pooches at the grooming center, she enjoys playing fetch with her dog, laser with her cat, biking, and watching her favorite shows and movies. Katie has grown up with a variety of different critters, including goats, rats, ball pythons, fish, cats, and dogs. If Katie could be any supernatural creature, she would be a phoenix because of the way she can rise up from the ashes. If Katie was a pasta shape, she would be fusilli!

Jenny, Grooming Center Assistant

Jenny has been with our ACE grooming center family since 2005 alongside her mom, Judy. Jenny has two dogs and lots of cats! If Jenny could be any supernatural creature, she would be a Kraken so she could be the scourge of the sea. As a pasta type, Jenny would be a bowtie.

coming soon image
Mercedez, Dog Bather

Bio coming soon!