Here is a photo collection of some friends that are no longer with us. We love and miss them all. If you would like to share your pet on this page, email your memorial photo (with or without a story) to New photos will be posted periodically.  

Lady Tosca was an adventurous ferret. She was the boss of the business. She loved camping, going to the park, and stealing and stashing anything she could get her paws on. She crossed the Rainbow Bridge in November 2014 and joined her bonded friend, Koda Bear, who crossed the Bridge in September. I was told she had lymphoma. I think losing her mate broke her heart. This photo was taken when both ferrets were young. The sable is 4 month old Koda. The panda is Laday Tosca, age 1.5

Tres Gatos
Baskin Spangrude (tabby & white Scottish Fold) Robbins Spangrude (Siamese) and Tae Spangrude (Singapura) the miniature mountain lion

Odie Sherman passed away in August of 2006. We got him from BMHS in 1993, the same year I was born. Katie Sherman

Alfie Hoffer 7/31/1999 - 2/13/2015

Otis Ernst April 1990 - June 2008

China Ernst July 1997 - April 28th 2011

Thistle Ernst

Cruz Ernst October 1st 2002 - February 28th 2011

Kitty Paris joined our family when she was about a year old in 1995. She was approximately 19 years old when she passed away. She was my companion from December 25, 1995 until November 18, 2013. Jack Parris

January 14th 2015 - Today we said goodby to our Ta Shih bear. He would have been 16 years old in March. He stayed with Lee when she was sick as a puppy, and he was a little clown. We will miss him terribly, but will see him at the Rainbow Bridge one day. Special thanks to Dr. Susan Fazzari and all the good people at Animal Clinic East for their kindness and caring. Debora Rossi

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