Shawn Fazzari
Shawn is a young man who has been doing grounds maintenance for Animal Clinic East for as long as he has been able to push a lawnmower. He has shared (and inherited) this job with and from his older siblings, Mathew, Danielle and Luke. Shawn is a student at Assumption Middle School. He plays soccer, basketball and baseball. He recently finished his Little League career playing for the Banner Bank team under Moe Handcox the last 3 years. He also skis and plays the saxophone. Shawn serves at Assumption Church and volunteers for many events and fundraisers that his family is involved in. He is currently making a go-kart as a summer project with his dad, Greg. His mom is a veterinarian at the Clinic. Shawn and his family have a variety of pets, currently including 2 dogs, one cockatiel, two map turtles, two tortoises, a flock of sheep, lambs every year, and one llama.Shawn and his family just adopted a new kitten that they named Stevie, who came with a broken leg that is healing nicely. Shawn is very outgoing and loves to visit with any and everyone he meets.

Jerry Ladderud
Jerry Ladderud, clinic groundskeeper, is a Freshman at Wa-Hi where he takes a full load of courses, including Chemistry, Orchestra and Rifle Marksmanship. He raises 4-H lambs, plays violin in the WW Youth Symphony and the Wa-Hi play pit orchestra. He also shoots trap with the WW Gun Club's Youth Trap and Skeet Team".

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