Alanna Fleck - Kennel Staff

Alanna started working with us in August 2008. She is a native of Oregon. Alanna is the proud owner of a golden lab named Chester. Her interests outside of work include cars and cooking. Alanna is known for her gentle nature and her ready smile.

Takota Prutsman-Wilke - Kennel Staff

Takota was born in Anchorage Alaska and began working with us in February 2016. She is currently a freshman in college and plans to become a veterinary technician. Takota has 6 pets - 2 dogs (Buck and Princess) 3 cats (Mama, Meep, and Joy) and one fettet named Noodle. Takota says she loves working here because she learns something new every day! We welcome her to our awesome kennel team.

Sierra Lepiane - Kennel Staff

Sierra is a hometown girl, born right here is Walla Walla. She began working with us in June 2017 and immediately fit right in. She has a dog named Grizzly Bear, a cat named Twitch, and lots of fish, snails, & crabs. As a memory aid, she likes to chronicle her life by making videos. We welcome Sierra as the newest member to our fabulous kennel team.

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